Product Model: 41001
ˇńAuto darkening welding mask
ˇńMain features:    
1.High strength flame retardant nylon,strong,durable and light weight   
2.Simple operation,comfortable wearing,all-positional protection of the face,neck and ears 
3.Auto darkening light control,darkness shade no,positioned accurately  
4.High intensity ultraviolet/infrared shielding protection to ensure the operator from UV/IR and other harmful rays of the injury
ˇńFilter dimension (mm):110x90x9
ˇńViewing size (mm):92x42 or 98x48
ˇńLight state shade:DIN4
ˇńDark state shade:DIN9-13
ˇńShade control ways:external,stepless adjustable
ˇńResponse time:0.0002s
ˇńSensitivity control:adjustable
ˇńTime from dark to light:0.3-0.5s
ˇńUV/IR protection class:DIN15
ˇńWorking temperature:between -10ˇăC to 55ˇăC
ˇńPower supply:solar cell & lithium batteries
*Carton size(cm):73x35x52